Farther Along

Farther Along (2017)

Farther Along is a new photographic project centred around retracing the steps of a tragic murder case that took place in Bristol in 2014. Nicholas Robinson was a 19 year old student living in the city centre, only recently becoming engaged to his long-term girlfriend, Shannon.

On the night of March 5th, Nicholas was fatally stabbed in the stairwell of his apartment building after he found himself stuck in the middle of a firearms deal that had turned sour. The weeks that followed proved to be puzzling for the detectives assigned to the case, as they frantically worked around the clock to find the man responsible.

This body of work aims to retell this story through the documentation of the landscape, whilst simultaneously highlighting the severity of the rapidly rising levels of knife crime that are being recorded across the UK in recent years. Farther Along was the title of the hymn sang by Nicholas' grandmother at his funeral service, the song questions the world's seemingly cruel ability to take away innocent loved ones, whilst such evil continues to thrive.

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