Rajoy Corrupto

Rajoy Corrupto (2018)

On May 26th, 2018, Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy was swept from office following a bruising debate and a no-confidence vote in parliament. The motion was brought on by a slush-fund scandal that had been swirling around his party. The vote to remove Rajoy from power was 180 to 169, with one abstention. It required 176 votes to be passed. The ouster was unprecedented in Spain's modern democracy. The two-term, centre-right Rajoy was immediately replaced by a leader of the opposition Socialist Workers' Party, who argued that corruption involving the conservative governing party led Rajoy to being 'unfit to lead'. As a result, centre-left Socialists faced accusations by Rajoy and his supporters for allegedly pushing an 'opportunistic power grab'.

One day after these events had transpired, I travelled to the Port of Alicante in an attempt to seek out how such developments could bear impact upon one of the country’s most well-known areas. The city itself is traditionally known for being a popular getaway location among tourists, with much of the port’s infrastructure being completely remodelled during recent years in a bid to keep up with demand. Whilst scandalous political activity had began to spur a nationwide outcry, those who had travelled to the city to enjoy a relaxing summer’s break went on as if normal, with most entirely unaware of the social unrest that had been triggered. During the two days I spent in the city, I set out to avoid the highly populated beaches and restaurants, instead choosing to seek out the very realities that living in such an environment can continue to hold.

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